Portraits: Krystie

Hello everyone!

While I am enjoying my Thanksgiving break, I am getting a lot of work done. I love to feel accomplished, so I wanted to take the time now to post a blog about one of my most creative shoots of the year!

Krystie was in my Ceramics class this past Spring, and we became friends on Facebook. She asked me to photograph her with her hoops, and I jumped on that idea so fast because I wanted to do something different, beautiful and awesome! So I met her at her house and we went to Sioux Passage (most of it was shot down by the river where the water was low). It was amazing to see her hoop-I felt like I got to watch a performance for free! I did attempt to hoop myself, but it did not work out as well 😉

On a serious note, I really enjoyed this session. I really want to get into doing more portraits of women because I want to make others feel beautiful (because I love to feel that way too). My style of shooting beauty really shows in this session and it makes me excited for possibilities in the future! So if you are interested in just doing a session to celebrate your beautiful-ness, please contact me and I promise we will have an amazing time!

So thank you Krystie for a wonderful time and the experience you gave me is much appreciated!


p.s. Below is the gallery! Just click on one and you can click through the rest 🙂

About JLMY Photography

My name is Jenny and I am a Portrait and Wedding Photographer in Saint Louis, MO! www.JLMYPhotography.com and JLMY Photography on Facebook!
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