Maternity: Vika

Hello everyone!

Today I am sharing Vika’s maternity session!

I’ll be honest with you. This was the first time I went location scouting for a shoot. I went driving around hoping to find the country look Vika wanted. When I saw this location (about 15 minutes away from both our houses) my eyes widened and my jaw dropped in awe!

Vika loved a picture I sent her of the place, so it was decided!

They met me a half hour before we were supposed to because mother nature was not being nice that day. There was a chance of rain, so it was cloudy, then some sun, then a couple raindrops, so we couldn’t take any chances by waiting!

Vika, her husband Jeremy and their daughter Ashton are simply awesome! They are so open to my ideas and when they have ideas that opens up to more ideas! Ashton usually smiled on command so that helped a ton! 🙂

What a great team we make!

I am so proud of this shoot and am so happy for them adding another member to their family! They will be having a baby boy in May and I can’t wait to meet him!

Oh, by the way, you know how I said it was my first time scouting for a location? Well…this is a little embarrassing, but it was also my first time getting kicked out of one! The location was actually owned, and a neighbor came by and kindly said the owner doesn’t allow people to go there because people have done damage to the property. So unfortunate because it is such a beautiful place! The gentleman was SO nice about it though so I thank him for that! *whew*

We were pretty much done with the session by then. Here is what we got!

What a beautiful family! Thank you for letting me take pictures for you once again!


About JLMY Photography

My name is Jenny and I am a Portrait and Wedding Photographer in Saint Louis, MO! and JLMY Photography on Facebook!
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  1. Thanks Jenny!!! You did a great job!! Looking fwd to you meeting the little guy too 🙂

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