Anna: 3 Years Old

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my blog. Today you get to see more photos featuring the ADORABLE Anna, and a couple with her beautiful Mom Tara!

For those who have followed me for awhile, you may have seen these two before. I have known Tara for years because her Dad dated my Mom for a long time, so their family became mine because of time. I love them and I consider them blood. Every time Tara asks me to take pictures of Anna I get so excited because I love to spend time with them! Anna and I are besties too! She calls me “Pretzel stick Jenny” because last Christmas Eve, I was drumming them on the table and I guess it just stuck with her!

I just got engaged in May, and she was the first person I thought of when thinking about the flower girl role. I am so excited to have her be a part of my Wedding Day!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

p.s. After the session, I was on the way home and Tara texted me something similar to this:

“I wish Jenny and Josh didn’t have to leave. I want to have another photo shoot with them so I can see them again.”

LOVE! She is just growing up so fast!

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My name is Jenny and I am a Portrait and Wedding Photographer in Saint Louis, MO! and JLMY Photography on Facebook!
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